Ways You Can Use Bluetooth Beacons in your Business

You have seen the media hype about Bluetooth Beacons. You’ve also been hearing about proof of concepts and how beacons are the latest if not sexiest devices that every business needs to hit the internet of things. Well, beacons have come here to stay. If you asked the experts, they will tell you that now is the time you should get serious in your business about the impact of beacons.

Experts have confirmed that beacons will influence at least 4 billion US dollars of retail sales in 2016, and the number is set to grow ten times more by 2017. Like many other business owners, you might be wondering how you can use these amazing devices in your business. Well, here are 4 ways to use them.

Customer support is very important for the success of any business. With Bluetooth low energy beacons, customer support becomes easier. You can use these devices at opportune moments to ask your customers what they want. For instance, you can ask them whether they would like the business to send them a personal shopper to wherever they are, or whether they need any help. You can also use beacons to ask your customers whether they would like to place an order and how they would like to receive whatever they order for.

  • To get customer insights

Beacons can also be used to get insights into your customer behavior and habits. So, you will be able to know how long consumers of your products usually spend in your store as well as the time they generally spend on specific products. The information is very important as you can use it for retargeting.


  • They can help you understand preferred product groupings


You can use beacons in your business to understand the preferred product groupings of not only your consumers and their interests, but also their shopping habits, patterns and what they actually do in your store. These details not only help you in creating a business strategy, but you can also incorporate them into your business to help you in future decision making.

  • Use them to deliver up-sells and cross sells

You can use Bluetooth beacons to deliver both up-sells and cross sells within the app. Gather customer shopping behavior as well as activities and then ensure that you segment the information properly to offer your customers both the information and coupons on products that they are interested in.